selenium IV oxide

selenium(IV) oxide

name selenium(IV) oxide
formula SeO2
CAS number 7446-08-4

Dielectric screening

Eigenvalues of the symmetrized irreducible polarizability for selenium(IV) oxide, SeO2, computed in WEST by iterative diagonalization.

selenium(IV) oxide

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Spectral function

The G0W0 HOMO spectral function of selenium(IV) oxide, SeO2, computed in WEST with full frequency integration.

selenium(IV) oxide

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Vertical ionization potential (G0W0)

software XC basis set core electrons self-energy QP eq. solver VIP [eV] ref.
WEST PBE PW PSP-SR FF-CD Full 11.03 [1]
WEST PBE PW PSP-FR FF-CD Full 11.03 [1]
WEST PBE0 PW PSP-SR FF-CD Full 11.61 [1]
WEST PBE0 PW PSP-FR FF-CD Full 11.60 [1]
EXP 11.76 [2]


  • EXP: Experimental value
  • FF-CD: Full frequency integration with contour deformation
  • Full: Full solution of the quasiparticle (QP) equation
  • PSP-FR: Pseudopotentials with fully relativistic effects
  • PSP-SR: Pseudopotentials with scalar relativistic effects
  • PW: Plane waves
  • XC: Exchange and correlation


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  2. P.J. Linstrom and W.G. Mallard, Eds., NIST Chemistry WebBook, NIST Standard Reference Database Number 69, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg MD, 20899.