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In publications arising from the use of WEST please cite:

Large Scale GW calculations
M. Govoni and G. Galli
J. Chem. Theory Comput. 11, 2680-2696 (2015).  (     )

Papers using WEST

A Finite-field Approach for GW Calculations Beyond the Random Phase Approximation
He Ma, Marco Govoni, Francois Gygi, and Giulia Galli
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The role of defects and excess surface charges at finite temperature for optimizing oxide photoabsorbers
Matteo Gerosa, Francois Gygi, Marco Govoni, and Giulia Galli
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Tyler J. Smart, Feng Wu, Marco Govoni, and Yuan Ping
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Coupling First-Principles Calculations of Electron–Electron and Electron–Phonon Scattering, and Applications to Carbon-Based Nanostructures
Ryan L. McAvoy, Marco Govoni, and Giulia Galli
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GW100: Comparison of Methods and Accuracy of Results Obtained with the WEST Code
Marco Govoni, and Giulia Galli
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Electron affinity of liquid water
Alex Gaiduk, Tuan Anh Pham, Marco Govoni, Francesco Paesani, and Giulia Galli
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Designing defect-based qubit candidates in wide-gap binary semiconductors for solid-state quantum technologies
Hosung Seo, He Ma, Marco Govoni, and Giulia Galli
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T.A. Pham, Y. Ping, and G. Galli
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D. Opalka, T.A. Pham, G. Galli, and M. Sprik
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Other WEST-related papers

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